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Asset Availability functionality aids understanding of downtime

08 April 2021

NEW FUNCTIONALITY has been added by Ultimo to its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to give a better understanding of downtime.

Organisations that use EAM software often are very aware of the number of failures, but less so when it comes to unplanned downtime. After safety, downtime is a key issue for many organisations. That's why the Ultimo EAM software has been expanded with a special functionality – Asset Availability. This gives greater insight into unplanned downtime, which allows companies to analyse and anticipate downtime. 

Integration with Power BI Dashboards

If you want a powerful and visual presentation of downtime, you can choose to use the integration with a set of Power BI Dashboards. Clear and organised.

Integration in the field of Safety

The Ultimo software is said to distinguish itself in the market because of the integration of Maintenance & Safety. One of these safety modules is 'Shift Handover'. The Asset Availability functionality is also fully integrated with this module.

If you are interested in finding out more about Ultimo EAM software, the Asset Availability functionality and/or the possibilities of Ultimo in the field of safety, contact:sales@ultimo.com or visit: www.ultimo.com