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Ultimo and Mainnovation join forces

29 March 2022

ULTIMO AND Mainnovation collaborate to launch a new version of Mainnovation’s VDMXL Control Panel (VCP) to give asset managers better visibility of their critical KPIs through an easy-to-read dashboard.

Drawing from the data provided by Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, the updated VCP provides CFOs, maintenance managers and mechanics with the insight they need to improve operations, create new value and stay in control of their asset performance. 

Built on a solid foundation of data provided by Ultimo’s EAM system, the new VCP makes it easy for managers to gain a holistic view of their operation through a sophisticated dashboard. The KPI-centred dashboard provides insight and transparency over assets, making identifying growth potential simple.

Guy Delahay, Managing Partner at Mainnovation, said: "The input we collect in our EAM system has value, but we don't utilise its full potential. The VCP is focused on creating value through maintenance, providing detailed insight into the KPIs. By using these, we can measure, monitor, and register the necessary data, and guide and improve operation.”

With Ultimo's flexible cloud platform, customers can increase uptime, manage costs, increase the life span of assets, comply with regulations, and guarantee a safe working environment. 

Ewout Noordermeer, Chief Marketing Officer at Ultimo, commented: "Asset management starts with insight. The VCP calculates and visualises 12 KPIs in real time based on data from Ultimo. This gives managers a simple, up-to-date overview of how the organisation performs, what is under control and what requires further analysis, allowing the right actions to be taken to enable continuous improvement. That is how you can truly create value with asset management."

No extra actions
To create the new VCP, the Ultimo EAM platform was integrated with the VDMXL Control Panel using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI technology. Drawing data from the EAM system, the dashboard displays the KPIs for the entire facility or a specific production line in a clear and transparent way. It is also possible to click through to the underlying performance indicators to analyse the results or compare data between sites. 

The dashboard is generated automatically once Ultimo has been set up and is in use, with no additional actions required.

Advantages of VCP for Ultimo:

  • The VCP for Ultimo is based on a KPI pyramid, which makes it suitable for all layers in the maintenance and asset management organisation
  • Setting personalised filters is simple, making it easy to benefit from additional insight
  • The cloud environment simplifies knowledge-sharing. With Power BI, the charts and visualisations are exported to the Office 365 environment, making it very easy to share the insights.
  • Optimal ease-of-use through Ultimo facilitates the reliable entry of data
  • The whole team can easily gain insight into asset performances, enabling everyone to help improve the results
  • Drill down from 12 KPIs to the underlying PIs, and from there to detailed information in Ultimo
  • Organisations with multiple sites can compare the different locations, divisions or regions (internal benchmarking) 
  • The dashboard is based on Mainnovation's VDMXL methodology; a powerful operating philosophy that has been proven internationally at both large and small companies in different industries. 

For information about VDMXL, the VCP or Ultimo's EAM system, visit: www.mainnovation.com and www.ultimo.com.