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Augury and IFS Ultimo partner to transform asset performance operations

16 November 2023

AUGURY, A leading provider of industrial AI solutions that improve machine health and process health, and IFS Ultimo, a pioneer in cloud-based enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions, today announced a new partnership that vastly improves the connection between machine health and asset management.

The collaboration addresses the critical issue of disconnected workflows between machines and the people who manage and maintain them through a dynamic, real-time asset management process. 

Faster reactions, better decisions

Augury's machine health technology enables companies to monitor and optimise rotating assets, eliminate costly downtime, and use prescriptive and predictive insights to make informed maintenance decisions. Yet, to achieve superior operational efficiency, industrial leaders must combine machine data with EAM processes. To streamline this integration, Augury and IFS Ultimo will help organisations take control of their assets, increase uptime, manage costs, and foster a safe, healthy, and sustainable work environment. 

The Augury and IFS Ultimo integration will allow AI-based alerts and notifications from Augury's Machine Health platform to seamlessly flow into IFS Ultimo for maintenance scheduling and planning. This eliminates manual guesswork and empowers maintenance teams to respond proactively to machine needs, reducing wasted efforts and costs. The collaboration unlocks a wealth of information that goes beyond machine health insights, offering new ways to assess risk, manage inventories, and optimise maintenance schedules. 

"Our collaboration with Augury marks a significant step toward a new era of asset management," said Patrick Beekman, partner solution manager at IFS Ultimo. "By integrating an easy-to-implement and extremely scalable machine health insights tool within our EAM platform, we empower organisations to make data-driven decisions, reduce downtime, and enhance overall efficiency."

For current Augury and IFS Ultimo customers, the integration promises a transformative journey toward a dynamic, proactive organisation that drives higher uptime, productivity, and cost management. For those not yet using these solutions, embracing the Augury and IFS Ultimo collaboration will ensure that maintenance teams become more efficient and capable, allowing the entire business to thrive. 

Building the connected manufacturing future

In the face of ongoing challenges such as worker shortages, generational shifts, and supply chain disruptions, manufacturing companies are intensifying their efforts to empower a new generation of connected workers. These workers are poised to lead the industry into the future of manufacturing, and the partnership between IFS Ultimo and Augury will help them, and their companies meet these ambitious goals. 

"The manufacturing landscape is evolving rapidly, and it demands a shift from manual, reactive approaches to one that embraces real-time data and digital connections. Augury provides a crucial element in this transformation, but to truly achieve operational excellence, organizations need to take better advantage of their machine health insights,” explained Chris Dobbrow, VP of strategic business development at Augury. "Our partnership with IFS Ultimo bridges the gap between data and action, enabling organisations to proactively manage their assets, drive efficiency, and remain competitive."

To learn more, or to start leveraging the integration, contact Augury or IFS Ultimo.