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Engro stays COVID-safe with WorkSafe Analytics

20 April 2021

CHEMICALS MANUFACTURER, Engro Polymer & Chemicals has deployed EmpiricAI's WorkSafe Analytics solution after a 6-week pilot project. The trial involved using EmpiricAI’s innovative WorkSafe Analytics (WSA) at EPCL's plant with KPIs set to monitor staff mask usage improvement and social distancing requirements around COVID-19 requirements.

WorkSafe Analytics, which utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision, provides EPCL rapid and targeted insights into where the business can improve its already robust occupational health policies to reduce risk and avoid operational interruptions.

Following the 6-week pilot project, which began in November 2020, EPCL recorded a multi-fold improvement in monitoring (spot checks vs computer vision) and witnessed more than 80% reduction in social distancing violations within first 4 weeks of pilot deployment and up to 90% reduction in mask noncompliance towards the end of the pilot.

Jahangir Piracha, CEO at EPCL said: “WorkSafe Analytics has proven to be a very effective tool for EPCL. A useful feature of WSA is that it provides us with high quality pictorial evidence of infringements, which is a very effective method to reinforce COVID guidelines and carry out targeted training to avoid future lapses and to ultimately keep our workforce safe.”

Mahmood Siddique, VP manufacturing at EPCL, added: “We are delighted with the results from deploying the WorkSafe Analytics software. The solution has provided prompt analytics for managing COVID SOPs effectively in the workplace and greater awareness of maintaining social distancing.”

Salman Chaudhary, CEO at EmpiricAI, explains: “EPCL has demonstrated that they place the safety of its staff and speedy return to business for its customers above all else. The AI-powered insights, analytics and recommendations help safeguard their workforce while maintaining maximum productivity.

“It is the advanced analytics capability, combined with computer vision, that makes WSA such a powerful management tool. Usability features include KPI dashboard visibility via any authorised PC or tablet, providing notifications and alerts, along with footfall and safety violation as well as heatmaps that identify density of personnel in a specific area.”

Salman concludes: “Our WorkSafe Analytics is rapidly becoming an integral part of a modern health & safety culture - if employees can see that management are committed to health and safety through investment in these solutions, it produces higher levels of motivation and demonstrates concern for health and safety throughout the organisation.

“Ultimately, businesses that invest in WSA achieve lower absenteeism through illness, which also avoids costs for sick pay and overtime cover. In addition, because employees feel safe and secure at work, they are happier, lowering staff turnover and increasing productivity. The return on investment through WorkSafe Analytics is very rapid.”