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Easy to install modular Hall effect sensors

28 May 2019

The new ACW4 and TCW4 Hall effect sensors from Sensata Technologies feature an over-moulded, modular design that is well-sealed from the environment and easy to install.

The sensing electronics are encased in a thermoplastic polyamide shell while the separate activating magnet is external to the sensor assembly. This modular architecture results in a compact package of just 50mm in diameter by a maximum 24mm thick that allows designers to easily incorporate the ACW4 and TCW4 sensors into new and existing systems.

An over-moulded housing completely encapsulates the electronics and seals the cable entry from exposure to the elements, making this IP67-rated sensor suitable for robotic, industrial, manufacturing and material handling applications where dusty or wet conditions are common.

To help save time and cost, Sensata offers a variety of engineered magnet holder accessories that developers can use instead of designing and testing their own. A variety of output types are available to ensure that the ACW4 or TWC4 sensors can interface with the most common controllers. There are no moving parts in contact with each other, eliminating any potential wear or misalignment.

“The design of the ACW4 and TCW4 models reflects the evolution of Hall effect sensing technology in making packages more compact, environmentally resistant and easy to install,” says Scott Orlosky, product manager for position sensors at Sensata Technologies. “Since the thermoplastic is moulded at low pressure it can be economically produced in lower volume and has no seals or seams to leak.”

To learn more about these new Hall effect sensors, review the specification sheets or check out application notes, please visit: http://www2.sensata.com/acw4