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Stop losing bags in pallet build - use LOCK N’POP™

25 August 2023

WITH THE pressure to identify areas where production line efficiency can be improved and costs reduced it is worth focusing at events further down the production line for these areas of opportunity.

Whilst the consistent flow of filling, sealing and moving bagged products will bring lower production costs as reliability increases, these savings are lost if stoppages occur at the last stage, ie. the automatic palletisation process prior to warehousing and dispatch. With the development of specific pallet stabilising cohesives for bags and sacks, the LOCK N’POP technology now offers a solution that improves efficiencies and reduces costs in this often overlooked area. Visit www.locknpop.co.uk or read on for further information.

There are specific challenges for producers palletising bagged products. Whether the product is pet food, horse feed, aggregate or cement, there are common issues to be faced. The dropped or misplaced corner bags as the conveyor moves the finished pallet is a common and efficiency sapping occurrence. As the alarm sounds and the line is forced to stop, bags replaced and robots reset, the pounds and pence earned by high production line efficiencies are lost.

In addition to losses on the line the production of misshaped pallets leads to other unnecessary costs as pallets are loaded onto trailers. Often the number of pallets per load can not be maximised leading to avoidable higher road transport costs. If pallets are loaded into high bay warehousing where out of line pallets will be sensed and rejected, production efficiencies will be further reduced and costs increased as pallets have to be rebuilt.

Manufacturers of high volume bagged products are no longer prepared to accept that this has to be ‘the normal‘ and have turned to Gransden UK and LOCK N’POP to remove this problem. With a range of cohesives specifically designed for plastic and paper sacks it is possible to achieve reliably built pallets that move through the final production processes in the factory and on the road to the customer problem free. 

Gransden UK install the water based, cold, LOCK N’POP technology directly before palletisation, usually after the bag flattener just prior to the robot pick up point. Using minimal quantities of cohesive, less than 0.5gramme per bag, the LOCK N’POP cohesive provides a temporary tack to the bag surface. Consequently, every bag dropped by the robot onto the pallet stays in position and does not slide sideways. This reliable bag positioning from the base layer to the top ensures consistent and straight pallets and ensures that even the top layer bags stay in position. With an ‘on cost’ of less than that of a single layer sheet, which will not be needed with LOCK N POP, the economics are attractive.

As the cohesive dries the lock remains until depalletized at distribution centre or supermarket. By this time the cohesive is dry, the tack has disappeared and no evidence of the LOCK N’POP cohesive remains. For the customer this means perfect pallets presented every time.

A range of companies in the UK, big and small, are now palletising bags and sacks using  LOCK N’POP™ to improve production efficiencies, reduce operating costs and get their pallets to the customer in perfect condition every time.

For more information contact us at Gransden UK Ltd.