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Technical Training Solutions launches new courses

13 May 2022

TECHNICAL TRAINING Solutions announces new electrical and electronics training courses for 2022

Engineering training provider Technical Training Solutions has introduced two new training courses to its course programme for 2022, ‘Fixed Equipment Testing’ and ‘Practical Electronics’.

Fixed Equipment Testing is a one-day, hands-on training course for a maximum of eight candidates. Hard-wired machinery needs to be electrically safe, not only for employees but also for the system to which it is connected. There is a legal requirement for this to be so and this course is intended to fill the void that exists between plugged-in appliances and equipment connected via isolators, fused outlets or terminal boxes.

The course covers the testing and inspection of equipment that is used frequently on site but is not classed as portable. The course is aimed at individuals who already have electrical competence and knowledge of the Electricity at Work Regulations. During the course, isolation methods will be discussed and participants will use continuity and insulation testers. Courses are being rolled out from June 2022 and bookings are now being taken.

Practical Electronics is a five-day basic electronics course for a maximum of eight candidates. The course is aimed at individuals who wish to explore the fundamental building blocks of electronics. The course assumes no prior knowledge or is for those who have studied the theory of electronic components and circuitry but have little experience of the practical application of that knowledge.

Participants will gain an understanding of the various commonly-used electronic components and how they would be employed in practical electronic circuits. Participants then build circuits incorporating these components and explore their functionality. Modifications are then made to the circuit parameters by changing component values and measuring the effects. The course progresses from basic discrete electronic components such as transistors, to analogue and digital converters (ADCs).

Courses are being rolled out from August 2022 and bookings are now being taken. Training courses can be held at the customer’s own premises or at the Technical Training Solutions site in Rochester, Kent.