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Reduce on-site visits with fast video assessments

08 April 2022

SMALL TO medium businesses can now share in the benefits of SightCall, a technology used by larger companies for years, through the only UK SME / SMB representative The Farm Process Management.

The system offers professional customer experience, helping businesses transform their customer service and field service operations with the power of AR, AI and live video.

Kent company Phoenix Plumbing & Heating Solutions recently took this system on board working with The Farm, to assist with problem solving for customers and engineers seeking support on site from colleagues or Managers. Dean Finchman, managing director of Phoenix Plumbing said: "We saw the benefits immediately and valued the support from The Farm Process Management, helping us through the process of setting up the system. Our remote engineer team regularly have callers trying to explain a fault or maintenance query over the telephone, but now we can send an instant link to their mobile phone through the APP or web browser and see exactly what they see as it happens. The fix right first-time rate, among other areas, will improve more and more." 

SightCall is anaugmented-reality powered video cloud platform, delivering live, remote interactions between businesses and customers on every continent around the globe. In a connected, mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely.

"We are extremely proud to represent SightCall in this market area," said The Farm Process Management managing director, Jon Lovell. "Previously the ability to use such an impressive solution has been out of reach of smaller business operations; now through our unique involvement, SME & SMB businesses have the opportunity to offer the same fantastic customer service levels, time saving, and cost reduction benefits that larger organisations have today"

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