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Are your safety signs durable enough to last?

18 November 2020

GSM GRAPHIC Arts has been manufacturing safety signs, rugged barcodes and warning labels used in numerous manufacturing sectors across the UK for over 45 years. The company has an extensive range of manufacturing processes to ensure you get the most suitable signage for your particular application, and all within budget.

Our durable Floor Signs are under surface printed on Polycarbonate whereby the text detail is printed on the rear of the clear material, providing a hard-wearing finish to withstand the heaviest traffic.

  • We supply Safety Signs produced on vinyl or foamex depending on the application. A range of stock artworks are available or we can produce to your bespoke design.
  • Rugged barcodes labels & tags can be digitally printed on vinyl and polycarbonate, anodised onto aluminium or laser marked into stainless steel to provide an extremely hardwearing finish, custom printed to your requirements.
  • For products and machinery GSM also offers a range of Warning Labels to suit your requirements.
  • All of our printing processes have been UV durability tested to ensure that they remain legible for a minimum of 5 years and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

To discuss your safety sign requirements call us on 01845 522184 or visit GSM’s website https://www.gsmonlinelabelsales.co.uk/warning-labels-and-signage/ to find out more.