Electric Meters

29 July 2013

As independent meter suppliers we stock a wide range of electricity meters for all your electricity metering needs. Whether you are looking for a single phase meter, a three phase meter, a prepayment meter or a combination meter please contact us and we will offer help and advice to make sure that you get the right electricity meter.

Single phase electric meters
Single phase electricity is connected at 230 or 240 volts via 2 wires, active and neutral, and is found in most domestic settings.

The electricity meters in our single phase meter range are all MID approved meters. These MID meters are all compact and lightweight and rated as class 1 and 2, so you can rely on electricity meter accuracy. Choose from analogue meters and digital meters.


Three phase electric meters
Three phase electricity is connected at 400 or 415 volts, by three active wires or phases and one neutral. This is mostly used in industrial and large commercial settings where powerful appliances are powered.

Again, as with our single phase meters, all three phase meters that we stock are MID approved meters. With class 1 and 2 accuracy rating, these meters are reliable, compact, and lightweight and offer a choice between digital meters and analogue meters.


Trumeter range
We supply a range of Trumeter measuring equipment, for power quality and energy, electrical measurement, power and control.

For power and quality energy in industrial settings please click here choose from a selection of trumeter network analysers and power and energy meters.

For electrical measurement in industrial settings such as industrial plants please click here for a range of single phase ammeters, three phase ammeters, multimeters and voltmeters.


Combi electric meters
Our combination meter of choice is produced by leading manufacturer Kamstrup. This current transformer electricity meter, with real time clock and transformer radio is approved to EN 50470/1 & EN 50470 – 3.