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Genuine Parts?

17 October 2013

At Hi-line Industries we have always made great filtration products from day one !

Our biggest route to market is supplying high quality alternative filter elements into existing filter housings out there in the field. This is a product range that we have great experience in and done successfully for many years.

What is an Alternative Filter Element? This is where you have a propriety compressed air brand, such as domnick hunter or ultrafilter and its time to replace the original filter element as its become blocked with particulate or has a high differential pressure (dp gauge is in the red) . These are consumable/wearing parts and should be changed every 12 months as a minimum. As you look around for the replacement element, an Alternative Element may be offered by your normal filter supplier or Air House. It is exactly what is says, an Alternative Element, it will be an exact replica of the original element in terms of size, connection and fitment, but not a genuine part.

Many filter manufacturers are busy flying the "Fit Genuine Parts” flag, because obviously its in their financial interests to do so, they can charge a premium for you to fit the same filter elements into the housing they sold you! Consider this …..Hi-line Alternative Filter Elements are not only less expensive than Genuine Parts , but in many cases out perform them in terms of; less oil carryover, longer service life, lower differential pressure, better dirt holding capacity.

Hi-line Alternative Elements are made using Pleated Filter Media, as are all of our filters.

Many household names in the compressed air market use wrapped or rolled filter media. The difference is outstanding. Think about any general filter that takes high impact dirt loading on a daily basis, here’s a simple analogy, your air intake filter on your car. Pleated filter! Why? there is more than four times the cross sectional area in a pleated filter than a wrapped filter, so a much lower energy source (the compressor in this case ) is required to pass that volume of air through the filter. Saving you money.

We are the industry agenda setters, as last month our competitors sent out shoe boxes full of pleated filters, in a fanfare proclaiming the amazing savings of pleated filters ! We’ve been doing it forever !! So next time you have an element to replace make sure its Hi-line, not only will you save money, it will more than likely perform better too.

With over 147,000 different filter elements to cross reference from, and a "copy exact” philosophy saving money on replacement elements has never been easier. We have our own electronic filter cross reference software for ease of identification Call our information desk on 01283 533377 for a competitive price on replacement filters or any other of our energy saving compressed air treatment products.