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Solutions to static electricity

28 September 2015

Static electricity can adversely affect most manufacturing processes and can cause major production issues.

Thorite offers help in the shape of SMC's solutions for the measurement, removal and control of static electricity using a range of ioniser types, each suitable for specific applications: 


Bar-type ionisers are suitable for electrostatic removal from flat surfaces, and by using compressed air this can be achieved over an increased distance from the workpiece. These units remove static electricity on glass, circuit boards, PET bottles, film roll, moulded components, packing films and film moulded goods. They also alleviate uneven painting problems caused by static build up. 


Fan-type ionisers are designed to banish static electricity in the atmosphere around workpieces. As the fans require no air supply they are suitable for use in a wide range of applications and locations, including preventing dust sticking to roll film and eliminating static on resin moulded goods. 


Nozzle-type ionisers are designed for partial electrostatic removal of a small workpiece or total removal in a small space, as well as removing dust with high flow rate types. Typical applications include static elimination from IC chips, lenses, parts feeders, plastic cups, electrical substrate, packing films, automotive lamp covers and moulded goods.

Thorite's engineers are available to carry out free static tests at customers' own premises and advise on the most suitable ioniser type to solve any static problems involved with specific manufacturing processes.