Lockout equipment

22 January 2016

RS Components LOTO products include an extensive range of equipment suitable for isolating electrical equipment, including lockouts to close-off electrical panels, circuit breakers, switches, and other devices targeting ball and gate valves for hydraulic application. 

Key to the range are three handy portable lockout kits: the Lockout Starter Kit contains a variety of lockouts suitable either for valves or for electrical equipment and provides a large range of devices including: circuit breakers, de-electric hasps and padlocks, and electrical panel lockouts.

The Valve Lockout Kit comes with everything needed to lockout gate, ball, butterfly types and many other valves, while the Electrician Lockout Kit, which is suitable for larger scale contractors requiring a more varied range of lockout solutions, includes all the basic equipment for locking out breakers, electrical plugs, wall switches, MCBs and fuses. 

All the lockout kit products are supplied in a kit bag with handle and shoulder carrier for easy transportation. 

Significantly, the Electrical Panel Lockout products in this new launch can be cut from any side/direction to suit the installation on different panels with varied wiring/attachments to the switches/conduits, or levers protruding out or of different shapes.

Also available in the range is a selection of Padlock Lockout Stations that provide up to 48 padlocks to help keep important safety devices organised and under lock and key.