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Ergonomic packing workstation

26 July 2016

Built with user comfort, safety and efficiency in mind, the new Packstation from Easypack offers a multi-functional workspace alternative for businesses looking to streamline their packaging processes.



Easypack has provided a generously sized workspace where everything is conveniently accessible. Packstation is manufactured with a strong, welded steel construction along with a laminated, hardwearing worktop, providing users with a highly durable packing station. The worktop height can be adjusted for user comfort and additional shelving can be added.

Packstation is available in single or double worktop options, the latter allowing up to two operators to work on opposite sides for increased packaging. For added convenience, Packstations can accommodate a choice of Easypack’s integrated paper cushion dispensing systems, saving on space and time. Systems can be safely positioned beneath the Packstation, delivering packaging at point of use via a chute or through a number of bracketed options. All of the Easypack systems deliver strong, flexible packaging cushions produced from rolls of 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper. 

In addition to the flexibility offered by the new workstation, Easypack’s in-house design team are able to modify Packstation to fit with individual requirements such as fitting bespoke housing for IT, labelling or sealing systems, as well as configurations to integrate with conveyors systems.

Packstation allows packing operators to pack all types of goods in a variety of ways. In addition to the wide range of accessories, including a fully adjustable monitor mount, operators can also integrate labelling and sealing systems, making it a fully configurable workstation.