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Easier investment in compressed air skills training

12 January 2024

THE BRITISH Compressed Air Society (BCAS) offers a range of popular training courses. Tailored to the needs of industry professionals, customers and suppliers, the courses combine safe working practices, with industry-specific guidance on all aspects of compressed air performance.

In its recent report entitled ‘2030 Skills, Closing the Gap’ , MAKE UK cites that 'time and financial constraints are among the factors which typically prevent manufacturing employers from investing more in skills training'.

Over half (53%) of manufacturers cited a lack of time to train as a barrier, with the second most common barrier being access to relevant training provision, cited by 45% of respondents. 

BCAS has long been recognised as a provider of training and development for engineers, technical professionals and users of compressed air – and through its eLearning portal, is helping to deliver relevant training direct to users.  

Learning to suit every requirement

With compressed air used so extensively, in applications across the manufacturing sector, keeping pace with changing industry demands is vital.  

MAKE UK comments that ‘ When speaking to manufacturers, we often hear examples of companies sending apprentices hundreds of miles away because it is the closest provision that delivers what they need.’

Offering a range of fully online and blended learning, trhe BCAS range of training courses are designed to be delivered at a pace – and a place – that makes it easier to train staff; whether that is from the office, or the comfort of their own home.

Extensive range of discounts 

Training courses start from as little as £35.00 and include a host of special discounts. This includes up to 25 per cent off all courses for BCAS members’ customers, alongside free associate membership. Customers only need to advise BCAS of their compressed air supplier when booking the course.

BCAS eLearning courses

CPD-approved, online training modules for compressed air and vacuum users. 

Certificate in working safely with compressed air (WSWCA)

Both employers and employees have a responsibility for safety in the workplace. The hour-long course covers the hazards of compressed air as an energy source, the use of personal protective equipment, and employer and employee responsibilities with respect to health and safety when using compressed air and a list of safe working practices to be followed. 

Certificate in compressed air treatment technology (CATT) 

This course details where contaminants come from and how to remove them using some of the air treatment processes available – and is of relevance to manufacturers, distributors, installers and for any business requiring clean and dry compressed air systems. 

Certificate in compressed air system technology (CAST) 

CAST provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of compressed air systems and is highly relevant to anyone needing to know more about compressed air production and use, relevant health and safety issues, legislation and energy efficiency.

Understanding Breathing Air (BS EN 12021)

The provision of suitable air for breathing purposes for operators is the responsibility of the employer. The importance of understanding the need for clean breathing air and the frequency of sampling and testing of its purity (quality) is therefore critical for employers, suppliers, consultants, service providers, or users of breathing air.

The one-hour course guides participants through the breathing air regulations and the provision of breathable air to be used by a person in the execution of a work-related task. A full understanding of standards BS EN 12021 and the legal requirements are vital.

Compressed Air Service Engineer Health and Safety Training

When it comes to issues of health and safety, compliance with legislation and making sure equipment operates efficiently then the service engineer is in the front line.

This course, built with BCAS’s health and safety training partners is intended to encompass the daily routines of a service engineer and introduce many aspects, which have either a direct or indirect effect on a compressed air system.

This qualification brings together all aspects of health and safety under one certificate and its aim is to support a fully rounded set of certificated qualifications that many customers will come to see as essential.

Blended learning courses: 

CPD-approved, blended learning courses combine online tutorials and training with guided learning and assessment by a BCAS qualified tutor. This helps delegates to learn at a time and place to suit, combining at-home study with invigilated examination. 

Certificate in understanding the Pressure Systems’ Safety Regulations (PSSR) 

This blended learning workshop covers the written scheme of examination in relation to compressed air systems. It provides knowledge of the Pressure Systems’ Safety Regulations (S.I 2000 No 128), related standards and codes of practice. 

Certificate in understanding ISO8573 

This workshop will guide candidates through each part of ISO 8573, the air quality standard. This course explains the importance of considering all parts of a compressed air system, for suppliers, consultants, service providers, or users of compressed air. 

Diploma in Compressed Air Management (DipCam) 

This qualification provides a comprehensive technical grounding in the principles of the operation of compressed air systems. It has been developed and produced to meet the needs of people who have responsibility for a compressed air installation and wish to attain a level of technical knowledge. 

Certificate in Compressed Air Systems’ Testing and Examinations

The course gives individuals the basic knowledge and skills to provide competent examination services in accordance with Regulation 9 of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, S.I. 2000 No. 128.  

Delivered through online and classroom-based modules, studies are expected to take around three months. The course is based on the requirement of Regulation 9 which requires that a ‘competent person’ performs an examination of the specified parts of a compressed air system, providing the knowledge to examine against a written scheme.

For further information about the full range of BCAS training courses available, visit the dedicated eLearning portal at e-learning.bcas.org.uk, email training@bcas.org.uk or call 0207 935 2464


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