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Tork’s Clean Care for Manufacturing resource supports facilities securing the new hygiene standard

31 March 2021

THE COVID-19 pandemic has presented one of the greatest challenges to workplace health and safety, with many unpredictable and unprecedented consequences. Whilst keeping employees physically safe from the virus is a top priority, employers also need to address workers’ anxiety around returning to work. As one recent survey showed, up to 21% of employees feel dissatisfied with the health and safety measures their employers were putting in place.

An effective hygiene and sanitisation programme should foster a hygiene-positive workplace culture to reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19, as well as to boost employee confidence in the safety of their environment. Leading workplace hygiene expert Tork, has created a comprehensive, best-practice guide for improved workplace hygiene, working in collaboration with trade unions, industry bodies and public health officials.

The Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing aims to support workplaces in developing a go-forward strategy for resuming and maintaining operations in a safe way. It includes guidelines on how to effectively exercise social distancing and achieve critical hygiene and surface cleaning protocols among employees, as well as recommendations on properly training employees on key COVID-19 information.

By employing resources such as the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing, businesses can ensure a high level of COVID-compliance, safety, and confidence, however long the effects of the pandemic on the workplace may continue.

The complete Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing can be downloaded for free at tork.co.uk/cleancaremanufacturing