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Data-logging identifies savings for timber firm

21 August 2019

The savings a company can make by updating its compressor can be considerable, as Thorite has demonstrated at Service Timber in Selby.

For many companies who need a reliable source of compressed air, the age of their compressor isn't much of a concern. It's almost a case of: "Well it's running just fine, we have it serviced regularly, so what's the problem?" 

The problem lies with the running cost or energy consumption of an old compressor, matched against the cost of a new one that has all the latest energy-saving features.

Towards the end of last year, key account manager, Steve Bradbury, visited Service Timber and offered to data-log its two ageing fixed speed compressors: an 11kW unit and a 15kW model.

Service Timber is one of the largest timber component suppliers in the North of England with a wide range of customers who rely on a dependable supply of high-grade timber. The two compressors were used to power all timber preparation equipment and were in almost constant use.

By data-logging Service Timber's air compressors, Bradbury quickly established its air demand profile, which showed that by replacing the two compressors with one new variable speed compressor, considerable savings could be made.

Quite how much was impressive. A new 30kW Hydrovane variable speed rotary vane type compressor was installed last November and is set to save Service Timber more than £2000 per year.

For more information, visit: www.thorite.co.uk