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Condition monitoring solution for compact machinery

27 September 2021

THE LATEST version of SPM Instrument's online system, Intellinova Parallel EN, has four channels and is a cost-efficient condition monitoring solution for compact machinery where a few measuring points are sufficient to cover all monitoring requirements.

The most advanced condition monitoring system in the Intellinova suite, Intellinova Parallel EN takes full advantage of HD condition monitoring technology. The new four-channel version joins its siblings in providing highly effective methods for monitoring vibration as well as gear, bearing, and lubrication condition with unsurpassed prewarning times, according to SPM Instrument.

The patented HD technologies HD ENV and SPM HD make the new version suitable for applications where short process cycles require that measurements be performed very quickly.

Intellinova Parallel EN with four channels is also suitable for temporary or proof-of-concept installations and root cause analysis. Building on next-generation digital platform technology, the system boasts excellent computation performance.

The system can be used in IIoT environments, offering powerful interoperability and integration features, including the open and extensive Condmaster Entity Server REST API and the OPC UA industry standard. The platform also means the system is ready for next-generation machine learning and AI, as well as edge and cloud computing.

The smallest Intellinova Parallel EN cabinet installation to date, this new four-channel version with Wi-Fi option is small enough to allow installation close to the machine in many cases, thus minimising the amount of cabling required.

The four online systems in the Intellinova Parallel EN family – with 4, 8, 16, and 32 channels, respectively – constitute a powerful, flexible, and complete condition monitoring solution for most industrial equipment, making it easy for customers to tailor a solution to best suit their application.

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