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Helping give workplaces a clean bill of health

30 July 2020

Hi-KLEEN from Hi-line Industries is a new surface sanitiser designed to help protect the health of those heading back to work after the hiatus caused by COVID-19.

Hi-line says spraying a single coating of HI-KLEEN on to surfaces such as doors, handles, handrails, chairs and desks will not only kill coronavirus, it will provide protection against further contamination for up to five hours.

Hi-KLEEN has been specially formulated to kill and inhibit both bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus) on hard or soft surfaces subject to frequent contact. Simply spray at a distance of approximately 10–20cm from the surface to be treated for effective protection. This odour-free, clear product is suitable for offices, factories (including food plants), conference centres, sports clubs, hospitals, health centres, educational facilities, care homes, entertainment/hospitality venues (including restaurants and pubs), and even transport.

Notably, active biocides present in the formulation are said to provide longer-lasting protection than alcohol-based preparations. Hi-line’s new surface sanitiser does not stain, is non-corrosive and will give a streak and smear-free finish to most polished surfaces, including glass and stainless steel. The product is safe to use and alcohol-free, meaning that there is no drying or irritation to the skin.

To provide proof of efficacy in the control of harmful micro-organisms, HI-KLEEN has been tested to BS EN 1276, which is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. In order to meet the standard, products are tested by an independent laboratory and must kill 99.999% of bacteria within 5 minutes.

Composed of organic, non-chlorinated solvents, HI-KLEEN is offered by Hi-line Industries in both 500ml aerosols and disposable 17kg canisters. The latter is particularly useful for those looking to sanitise entire rooms, providing a typical coverage of 750 square metres. Canisters are connected by either a 3.5 or 5.5 metre hose to a spray gun, delivering an easy-to-use, self-contained, time-saving spraying system that requires minimal set-up.

Any business owners or managers worried about controlling the spread of COVID-19 as the country returns to work can rely on HI-KLEEN to keep surfaces and rooms free of harmful contamination, in turn protecting the health of staff and visitors alike.