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Are your sensors telling the truth?

31 March 2022

JUST LIKE the reliability of the assets you are monitoring is important to you, and so should be the reliability of the sensors you select for monitoring these assets.

Reliability managers should not just compare published specifications from your sensor provider, but also test actual measured performance of the sensors you select. A check on the frequency response of a selected sensor type typically cost less than £100. With higher frequency content becoming ever more important in condition monitoring analysis, it is important to know if your senor and mounting configuration are up to the task. A sensor with lower than expected resonance may indicate problems that do not exist driving early intervention, making your investment in condition monitoring a cost not a saving.

For more than 50 years, PCB has specialised in the design and manufacture of innovative sensors and measurement systems for the condition monitoring and predictive maintenance markets. The IMI division of PCB Piezotronics ensuring that all of our products meet or exceed our published specifications. All calibration activity at IMI are performed in our laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 requirement to ensure accuracy across the specified frequency range.