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Name change for speciality print company

10 March 2019

Primera Technology Europe, a pioneer in speciality printing and representative of US company Primera Technology, Inc, has announced a new company name – DTM Print.

Over three decades DTM, (Data Technology Management(, has grown fast from a garage company to a reliable partner and solution provider for speciality printing systems. The DTM Group is formally uniting all of its subsidiaries into a holding company under the header of DTM Holding.

“With our passion for custom-made solutions we became a specialist for niche products. Since 2013 we have been developing label printing solutions used by well-known manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, Mars and L'Óreal,” says Andreas Hoffmann, a managing director of DTM Print. “Our goal is to find the perfect match in hardware, software and consumables to put our customers’ ideas in print.”

DTM has changed a lot over the years. Today it has more than 40 employees, 1500m2 in offices, a workshop, as well as demo and training rooms and
1200m2 storage space. Now the company is looking to the future with an expansion of its product and service portfolio. To reflect this evolution the company has decided to give its original brand 'DTM' a fresh look. 

Asked about the advantages for customers who work with DTM Print, Hoffmann said: “Besides our experience and know-how in the printing industry our company is still based in Wiesbaden, Germany, where it was founded in 1986. From here we look forward to serving our customers and partners in EMEA with more passion than ever.”

Further details at: http://dtm-print.eu