Thorite seals partnership to supply GWE Eco-Max voltage optimisers

22 April 2022

THORITE IS set to supply its bespoke energy-saving Eco-Max VO to the industrial market following a new sales partnership with GWE.

Air and fluid power specialist Thorite has announced a new sales partnership with GWE, the UK’s original manufacturer of voltage optimisers (VOs).
The partnership to supply its bespoke energy-saving Eco-Max VO to the industrial market is a first for Sheffield-based GWE and will significantly enhance Thorite’s energy-saving products and services offer.

Voltage optimisers regulate the power supply into a factory or other building to ensure electrical equipment is not receiving more energy than it needs to function efficiently. They are becoming increasingly popular in the industrial sector as companies seek to operate in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way.

"The industrial Eco-Max VO has the potential to save our clients significant sums of money by ensuring they are not using more electricity than their equipment needs, and will significantly enhance our bespoke energy efficiency offer," said Mark Yates, head of sales and marketing at Thorite. 

GWE's UK-manufactured Eco-Max systems are installed around the globe, saving energy for industrial, commercial and domestic clients in the private and public sectors.

"Thorite are forging a path with their comprehensive energy efficiency service, so were a natural fit for GWE. We’re confident that they’ll bring real added value to the partnership," added Chris Berry, head of sales and marketing at GWE.

Bradford-based Thorite is the UK’s leading independent provider of air and fluid power products, systems and services. It has developed a comprehensive energy efficiency service which combines state-of-the-art technology with aftermarket support.