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Fulton to sacrifice gross margins to assist struggling key sectors

29 September 2020

HEAT TRANSFER specialist, Fulton, is introducing an initiative to cut the gross margin on its VSRT steam boiler to benefit customers from key sectors, including the NHS and food & beverage processing.

Fulton's management team constantly reviews the performance of the wider market and the current economic climate, which are showing signs that capital expenditure has dropped by approximately 40% (Monetary Policy Report August 2020).

Managing director of Fulton, Carl Knight, says: “Given the exceptional nature of recent events and the struggle many businesses find themselves in, we have decided to launch an initiative designed to help the many key sectors that have themselves been assisting the wider population during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know from a recent surge in demand for servicing and maintenance that many of our customers in these sectors are operating steam boilers that are ageing and, in some cases, need replacing; and others who need to expand their capabilities and facilities to meet current demand. However, we also appreciate that current trading conditions mean capital budgets have been affected, so opportunities to purchase new capital equipment is restricted.

“To assist these key sectors, Fulton has therefore taken the decision to sacrifice the gross margin on all models from its VSRT steam boiler range for the remainder of 2020. Additionally, with many other businesses struggling as a result of other sectors being impacted or shut down since March, we are extending these discounts to all of our customers!”

Fulton’s new scheme and the discounts on offer do come with some caveats, which include:

  • Discounts apply to the cost of the VSRT steam boiler and excludes ancillary equipment and/or the full project value
  • The order must be placed and paid for in full before 31st December 2020 with a Vesting Certificate being provided on receipt of the Final Payment. The discounted amount will be taken from the final payment balance
  • The ordered boiler must be delivered or collected before the 31st March 2020. However, Fulton will provide warehousing free of charge until this date

With outputs from 160 to 4,000kg/h, Fulton’s VSRT is claimed to be the most radical change to vertical steam boiler design since the company pioneered the vertical tubeless boiler in 1949. Benefits include up to 86% gross efficiency from a fully-water-backed design with no refractory; its architecture makes it durable and reliable, with up to 10:1 turndown through its fully-modulating burner; and, with a mesh burner and furnace designed as a single component, it achieves typical NOx emissions of less than 20ppm.

For further information on the offer, please call the Fulton sales office on +44 (0)117 972 3322 or email sales@fulton.co.uk, or Visit: www.fulton.co.uk