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Taking steps to secure the new hygiene standard with Tork®

25 June 2021

OVER THE past few months, manufacturers have been working hard to maintain production in reconfigured sites. Looking ahead towards continuing to optimise operations, small but efficient changes can have the most significant impact on helping to balance output with workers’ health and safety.

By selecting the right hygiene solutions, for example, improvements can be achieved without compromising wellbeing. That is why Tork® is helping manufacturers make informed decisions about products and protocols through free resources and recommendations.

The bundle of resources includes the expanded line of Tork PeakServe dispensers; a range of high-capacity dispensers designed to facilitate a consistent supply of paper towels. This versatile system allows workers to swiftly flow through washrooms and locker rooms with minimised risk for infection, whilst improving efficiency for cleaning staff.

As hand hygiene is proven to be one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs, Tork also offers expert guidance on how to improve hand washing and sanitiser usage. The downloadable guide includes tips on where, when and how workers should wash their hands, and when to opt for hand sanitiser over soap and water to prevent infection.

In addition to hand hygiene, proper surface cleaning is critical to prevent the spread of germs in manufacturing sites. Tork’s guide to suitable products and key considerations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces aims to eliminate contaminants through proper usage and to keep employees safe and healthy.

To learn more, visit www.tork.co.uk/cleancaremanufacturing