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NSK triple lip seal provides ultimate bearing protection

16 December 2021

BEARINGS THAT operate in conditions with a high degree of contamination must offer highly efficient sealing, quick and convenient fitting and the ability to counter misalignment during assembly.

Bearings that operate in conditions with a high degree of contamination must offer many attributes. A highly efficient sealing arrangement is priority number one. However, these bearings must also be cost-effective and provide easy, quick and convenient fitting and removal, including the capability to counter any misalignment during assembly. To help meet all of these demands, an increasing number of OEMs and manufacturing plants are finding the optimum solution in NSK’s Self-Lube bearing units with triple lip seal. 

Self-Lube bearing units help users to combat extreme condition challenges through a broad portfolio of reliable inserts and housings. Notably, these cost-effective units provide a simple and fast solution for mounting bearings without the need for complex housings or special shaft arrangements. Self-Lube units provide all the features necessary to easily attach a bearing to a frame and a shaft. 

Premier among the advantages is the specially developed triple lip seal, a one-piece moulded nitrile seal with three sealing lips. Bonded to a protective outer steel pressing (secured in the outer ring), the triple lip seal makes for a highly efficient sealing design that protects the bearing in severe conditions involving dust, sand, water or slurry. 

Among a growing number turning to Self-Lube bearing units with triple lip seal is a manufacturer of barrel washers for cleaning vegetables prior to processing or packaging. The barrel washer’s bearings submerge in water with every rotation of the drum. Due to water washout and corrosion it was proving necessary to replace the bearings every three months. To avoid this costly exercise, the company invited NSK’s expert team of engineers to investigate the problem.
After a full application review and bearing failure analysis, NSK recommended its Self-Lube bearing units with triple lip seal, which are perfect for applications where bearings face exposure to water contamination. The solution produced a significant lifetime extension to more than seven months (at least 133% improvement). As a result, the manufacturer of barrel washers is saving €56,600 in bearing replacement and maintenance costs over every six-month period of operations.
Self-Lube bearing units comprise an insert and a housing. The inserts are deep-groove ball bearings made to the popular 6200 series configuration, with integral design features that make them more functional and versatile than standard ball bearings. Self-Lube inserts not only suit the wide range of RHP housings available from NSK, but applications where the user’s own housing is preferred. 

NSK offers a large size range along with various shaft locking arrangements – including set screw, eccentric collar and taper sleeve locking options. Moreover, extended re-lubrication intervals greatly reduce maintenance costs and increase the productivity of machines.

Self-Lube is a registered trade mark ®.