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Go for Zero: The Guidebook for managing safety risks

05 September 2018

Every workplace accident generates cost, and potentially includes a severe human toll that impacts morale and productivity. Managing safety risks to prevent workplace accidents from happening is both a humane and an economically sound strategy to protect or even improve company profitability.

Go for Zero

By creating a safety policy, implementing a continuous improvement safety management system and providing safety tools on the workfloor, the basic conditions are set for your Go for Zero safety programme. Brady’s guidebook provides an insight in the main safety risks in industrial sectors, includes components and tips to create a Go for Zero safety programme and presents tools to implement it on the workfloor.

‘Go for Zero’, ‘Goal Zero’, ‘Zero accidents’or ‘Zero unsafe behaviour’ are bold statements that are used to decidedly illustrate a workplace safety ambition. While we encourage ‘Go for zero’ as an ambition, strategy or mindset, we do not advise it as a target because it is the journey that matters, not the destination.

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