Helping reduce tool costs

28 September 2018

Pneumatic tools comprise an air motor, gears, wearing parts such as vanes, bearings, and seals that require effective maintenance to ensure the tools give optimum performance and preserve manufacturers specifications.

Preventive maintenance for the airline installation will assist in reducing warranty costs overtime. 

Chicago Pneumatic says two things become essential to operate pneumatic tools at rated specifications: A dynamic air pressure of '90 psi' at the tool's limit and recommended air flow, given by the tool's manufacturer. Using a suitable filter/regulator/lubricator (example ¾in CP 894 016 8484) will ensure the right air flow and pressure at the tool inlet.

The filter cleans compressed air, trapping solid particles such as dust or rust. The regulator ensures the consistency of the dynamic pressure for better tool performance. The lubricator adds controlled quantities of airline oil such as recommended oil part number: P089507 (0.5 litre) to reduce friction between moving parts in the tools air motor.

Chicago Pneumatic recommends optimising downtime as well as uptime, by carrying out visual checks when you take a tool off line for planned maintenance, evaluate the wear of other parts too. If disassembly and reassembly are required, make sure these are performed according the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as using original spare parts. Store the tools correctly when not in use by keeping them away from damp environments or extreme temperatures.