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Hands-on hand hygiene tips from Tork’s Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing

27 January 2021

IN TODAY'S manufacturing facilities it’s more important than ever to ensure employees have the essential tools and knowledge to follow good hand hygiene procedures. Frequent and proper handwashing is vital in keeping workers safe and healthy, and in slowing the spread of viruses in the workplace.

As part of the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing, Essity the global health and hygiene company has shared its comprehensive and easy-to-follow Hand Hygiene Recommendations. From tips on where and when workers should be washing their hands throughout their shifts, to poster guides to print and display around the workplace, Tork is making it easier than ever to keep teams on track. 

Based on its own experiences of implementing a hygiene protocol at its manufacturing sites, Tork has been able to keep delivering critical hygiene supplies throughout the pandemic. The guidelines for hand hygiene are the latest in a series of guides from Tork and parent company Essity, each working to keep manufacturing facilities around the country safe and operational.

Download your free guides for handwashing, sanitising and dispenser placement at www.tork.co.uk/cleancaremanufacturing