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Powerful speciality lubricants for highly reliable rail traffic

17 April 2013

Klüber Lubrication presents its comprehensive range of high-performance speciality lubricants for the railway industry under the motto "Speciality lubricants from Klüber Lubrication - making a point of being on time!"

New lubricant for wheel flanges: high wear protection for noise reduction

The new wheel flange lubricant Klüberrail LEA 62-2000 ensures good wear protection for wheels and rails and reduces stick slip effects on curves to reduce noise. Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 F, the fluid grease is suitable for use in automatic spray systems and provides excellent adhesion, making sure it stays on the wheel, even at high speeds.

New environmentally sound lubricant for railway switches

Klüberrail AL 32-3000 is a readily biodegradable speciality lubricant for switches ensuring low adjustment forces at temperatures down to -30oC. It can be applied by both portable spraying devices and brush and is UV resistant. Its excellent water resistance combined with good corrosion protection significantly extends maintenance intervals, reducing costs of lubricant application.

Lubricating traction motor bearings with reserve capacity

For traction motors lubrication, based on long-standing experience and expertise, ISOFLEX TOPAS L 152 has proven effective in many applications due to its excellent thermal resistance up to a permanent temperature of 100 °C.

ISOFLEX TOPAS L 152 grease maintains its lubricity in traction motor bearings for many years of use and stays smooth, making sure old grease is replaced by the new one during re-lubrication. Its fully synthetic base oil ensures smooth, even at temperatures down to -50 °C.

Fully synthetic high-performance gear oil

Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90 for railway applications is a fully synthetic high-performance gear oil with high scuffing load capacity and micro-pitting resistance. The base oil is stable under shear stress for a constant lubricating film to protect gear teeth and bearings. Besides good corrosion and wear protection, the oil offers excellent low-temperature characteristics as well as ageing and oxidation resistance, significantly reducing the number of oil changes. Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90 is approved by several gear manufacturers like IG Watteeuw, Voith Turbo, and Siemens-Flender giving the operators significant peace of mind with valuable equipment.