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Sidetracker takes on bigger, higher load handling

23 July 2014

After 22 years of reliable service the multi-directional Sidetracker truck used by Acenta Steel Distribution at its Rugby headquarters has gone into semi-retirement and been replaced by a new model capable of lifting heavier loads to greater heights.

Acenta is the UK`s leading engineering steel stockholder with over 5000 products in stock across 50 specifications in round, square, flat, angle and hexagonal sections. Following consolidation of the storage systems at Rugby, all material is now stored on cantilever racking, either in the warehouse or outside.

The heaviest bar stock, up to 480mm diameter x six metres long and weighing over five tonnes each, is stored on the external racking. The company needed a multi-directional sideloader capable of handling the heaviest items while still being able to work in the 2.2-metre warehouse aisles and reach the top of the 8.6-metre racking.

The new Sidetracker was also needed to unload deliveries without using an overhead crane, which has been achieved by fitting a pair of longer forks that can be rotated out of use when the truck is in the warehouse. For warehouse work 650mm-long forks are used, while the second pair of 1500mm-long forks allows the driver to reach the middle of delivery trucks, which would otherwise be out of reach. Fork width can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab.

The load capacity of the new truck is 5.5 tonnes, and it has a maximum lift height of 8.8 metres. A 360º turning capability provides excellent manoeuvrability within the warehouse and minimises turning areas. A camera on the fork carriage helps drivers to handle loads safely at high levels, and roller guidance allows the truck to operate safely and efficiently in the racking aisles.

Heavy-duty construction and electro-hydraulic drive systems without electronics on the Sidetracker provide long-term reliability and easy maintenance.