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Saving energy, running time and space

20 December 2015

When Calderdale Engineering Services (CES) moved to new premises in Boothtown, it chose to replace itsĀ 15-year old fixed-speed compressor with an Atlas Copco VSD installation, supplied by Pennine Pneumatic Services. The new unit has reduced energy costs by 50%, running time by 80% and occupies a smaller workshop footprint.

CES offers traditional manual turning, milling, boring and machining capability as well as fabrication and engineering services, from one-off welded assemblies to batch component manufacturing.

The move to new premises prompted a review of the operational efficiency of the compressor installation.

As a long-term customer of Atlas Copco Compressors’ premier distributor, Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS), CES called on the distributor's expertise to recommend a unit to meet its specific needs. A new Atlas Copco GA11VSD+ rotary screw compressor was installed.

In contrast to the old, continuous running, fixed-speed compressor, the GA compressor’s variable speed drive matches compressed air supply to demand thereby reducing run time and corresponding energy costs by as much as 50%. When combined with the compressor’s in-house designed iPM permanent magnet motor, this is reported to result in an average 37% reduction in lifecycle costs.