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Best practice guide and a new appointment

02 August 2017

The latest news from BCAS (British Compressed Air Society) concerns its best practice guide for food and beverage processors, the announcement of a new vice president, and details of its nominated charity

BCAS’ popular best practice guidance for food and beverage processors on the safe and efficient use of compressed air is now available for free download from the BCAS website - www.bcas.org.uk

Prepared in conjunction with BRC Global Standards, the guide is designed to help processors make informed decisions relating to compressor systems operating at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar. It includes information on what type of compressed air equipment could be used, how it should be installed, maintained and audited and – perhaps most importantly – the levels of air purity required to reduce the risk of contamination.

Getting food from the ‘farm to the table’ involves many processes, with ever increasing demands placed on improving safety and hygiene in the food chain. The aim of this best practice guide is to help food and beverage processors use compressed air as safely and efficiently as possible.

New vice president

BCAS has appointed Tony Wilson as vice president. He currently has responsibility for operations for the Society.  Tony is the business unit manager for CAGT for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Parker Hannifin Gas Generation and Filtration Division.

He is also a board member of the Employability Trust and a member of the North East Steering Group for The Discovery School in Newcastle focussing on STEM subjects.

Nominated charity

BCAS is raising money for Winston’s Wish charity this year, which supports children and young people after the death of their mum, dad, brother or sister. The loss of a close relative is one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences that a child can face and the charity exists to ensure that every child can move forwards and face the future with hope, courage, confidence and strength.

Says BCAS President, James Maziak “Winston’s Wish offered amazing support to my son and I when my wife passed away in 2007.  At the time Josh was 11 and they really helped him come to terms with the tragic loss of his Mum. I am delighted that they are BCAS’ nominated charity for my term as president.”

The Society will be holding various events throughout the year at which members can support the charity including its annual members' luncheon in November. A just giving page has been set up by the society for donations.

The society raised £10,000 for the previous nominated charity Ambitious about Autism.