Range of floor pads

13 March 2018

The Preparation Group offers SFD’s (Surface Finishing Diamond Pads) for floor preparation, refurbishment and cleaning and Storm Diamond Pads for cleaning and daily maintenance. These pads avoid the need for harsh chemicals.

The pads fit the company’s STG range, with the Storm Pads specifically designed to fit standard scrubber dryers along with the Burnisher 430. They result in a hygienic, shiny, yet non-slip floor by adding just water, a floor that will help to resist the build-up of future residues. The eradication of these chemicals also saves on costs. 

SFD’s are capable of grinding, keying, texturing, sanding and polishing the surface without clogging and can be used in a staged polishing process.

The pads are double sided and infused with billions of microscopic diamonds; it is these that do the work. They can leave a soft sheen or mirror finish depending on the grade of pad selected. The coarsest effectively refurbishes surfaces by removing the build-up of grime, light scratches and staining. This can then be followed by working up through the finer grades in a staged polishing system, to achieve a deep clean and high shine polish. The finer grade pads can also be used to clean vinyl. 

The Preparation Group develops, manufactures and sells a large range of surface preparation and maintenance equipment and accessories, including accompanying dust extraction. It offers equipment to hire, training, repairs and servicing and project advice.