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Fuel efficiency amid changing emission regulations

15 August 2019

GRENDiA forklifts from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are designed to help companies lower their carbon footprint.

Stewart Gosling, sales director at Red Diamond Distribution, UK importer of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, says: “At the start of 2019 Euro V emission standards came into force for working vehicles, and that has significant implications for anyone looking to purchase forklifts in the next year.”

All IC engine forklifts, which for the first time includes both liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and diesel vehicles, will have to comply regardless of their engine size.

The Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES FG15-35N range is already designed for these demands. All new Mitsubishi factory orders of LPG forklifts will be fully compliant with Euro V.

The GRENDiA ES boasts energy-efficient features, such as a closed-loop, three-way catalytic converter that reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. It also eliminates 95% of dangerous NOx gases, making it one of the cleanest models on the market.

“Advanced LPG technology means GRENDiA ES models use 40% less fuel than main competitor trucks, without reducing their industry-leading high performance,” adds Gosling. “Over a typical 5-year lease, this could deliver savings of more than £10,000.

“GRENDiA ES models are designed with minimal maintenance requirements in order to ensure maximum productivity and operation time. Combine this with the greater fuel efficiencies and you have lower running costs across the board.”

Named GRENDiA, meaning 'Green Diamond', the range sets a high standard in environmentally friendly performance.

Stewart concludes: “It helps to have peace of mind during these times of regulation change, and with our GRENDiA ES models you can be confident in your compliance with Euro V.”