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Industry enthusiastic about Industrial Maintenance Solutions Summit

21 August 2023

Following the recent announcement of the new Industrial Maintenance Solutions Summit, expectation is already running high with major brands signing up to present their products and solutions at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 10 September 2024.

EXHIBITORS ARE racing to sign-up to present their products and solutions at the inaugural edition of the Industrial Maintenance Solutions Summit (IMSS). 

Taking place as a one-day event at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 10 September 2024, IMSS aims to move beyond industry buzzwords, by providing expert maintenance insights and actionable solutions which will help businesses reduce costs and downtime and improve efficiency. 

“We are very excited to be a part of IMSS,” said Christopher Hallum, regional manager for the UK and Ireland at UE Systems. “We see the event as a great opportunity to connect with maintenance leaders and carry on our mission of promoting the use of ultrasound technology as a key technology in helping industry shift from reactive to predictive maintenance.”

Presenting the latest maintenance products and solutions

With a vibrant exhibition space and dedicated presentation areas, exhibitors at IMSS will have the opportunity to engage with a highly targeted audience of maintenance personnel, industry professionals, and decision-makers. 

Discussing IndySoft Europe’s plans to exhibit at IMSS, managing director Jake Bishop commented: “We at IndySoft have been involved with providing software to manage Preventative Maintenance for over 20 years. So, to be taking part in a new Industrial Maintenance Solutions Summit is a real privilege. 

“We look forward to seeing existing clients to explain about our new feature up-dates and meeting new potential clients who want to employ an effective asset management tool that’s easily configurable to their own needs.”

The Summit will provide exhibitors with a platform to demonstrate the real-world impact of their products and solutions, spotlighting how they can address the specific maintenance challenges faced by businesses across various sectors.

‘Talking about the things that matter’ 

The centrepiece of IMSS will be its content streams, which will be curated and delivered by subject matter experts who possess extensive knowledge and hands-on maintenance experience.

Produced by the team at Industrial Plant & Equipment magazine, the Summit’s informative content programme is designed to address the real-world challenges maintenance personnel face in their day-to-day working lives. Sessions will prioritise substance over style, focusing on delivering practical solutions that attendees can immediately apply in their maintenance operations.

“The Industrial Maintenance Solutions Summit represents the ongoing evolution of the IP&E brand, together with the new IP&E Awards taking place this October,” said Edward Lowton, editor of Industrial Plant & Equipment. 

“During our conversations with maintenance professionals, one of the topics that frequently comes up is the disconnect between commonly used terms such as ‘Maintenance 4.0’ and the real-life challenges facing maintenance technicians and engineers on an everyday basis. 

“Reflecting this, the focus at IMSS is on ‘talking about the things that matter’ and presenting both useful products and solutions, together with practical guidance to help reduce costs, minimise downtime, and improve efficiency.”

For more information on exhibiting at the Industrial Maintenance Solutions Summit, together with sponsorship opportunities, contact Rachel Godfrey at: RGodfrey@westernbusiness.media or 07881029806.