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Monitors indoor air quality

30 November 2018

PPM Technology's IAQ monitoring instruments have been designed to give a visual representation of IAQ in a building. Units may be networked to show precise changes in concentration of selected IAQ gases over time for an entire building.

The PPMonitor range can monitor temperature and humidity as well as up to five different IAQ target gases including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, VOCs, ozone, ammonia and more.

The user can control, run and view the real time monitoring of several different wireless sampling units from remote locations via a PC or the company's Touch Screen Monitor –all communicating together by a ZigBee wireless mesh system. IAQ readings can be scheduled and viewed graphically, included in reports, and used to trigger alarm functions such as e-mail notifications.

The PPMonitor Micro’s can house one to three sensors and are said to be ideal for CO2 monitoring which can establish if indoor ventilation is sufficient. The PPMonitor ZWUs and MMs can house up to eight sensors. The Touch Screen IAQ Profile Monitor is a stand-alone unit capable of controlling itself and additional units. It has an integrated touch screen displaying readings continuously and in real time.