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How welders deal with magnetism in the component

30 November 2020

DEALING WITH magnetism in components is one of the most complex tasks in welding technology. In its latest whitepaper, EWM AG shows how to overcome this challenge. Users will find tips and tricks for degaussing components as well as instructions for reliable welding in practice.

Magnetism in components can quickly become a challenge for the welder, often affecting the quality of the end result. It leads to a deflection in the arc and instability that facilitates droplet detachment, spatter and irregular sidewall fusion. The end result subsequently requires a high amount of post-weld work, costing even more working time. But how does degaussing workpieces help to achieve high-quality, reproducible and cost-efficient results? EWM AG provides practice-oriented answers to this question in the latest whitepaper, exploring the subject in scientific detail. The authors take information from practice-oriented examples and make this available to readers for their everyday work.

If you are interested in reading the whitepaper you can request it for free at https://www.ewm-group.com/microsites/degauss. You can also get more tips and tricks for degaussing components from EWM experts in a video on the EWM YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/XjcOSsdEIgU