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A premium power tool demands a premium abrasive

26 April 2013

Two of the leading surface preparation and finishing technology providers, Master Abrasives and Atlas Copco, have recently announced a partnership that will provide comprehensive solutions-based benefits to customers in the most demanding industry sectors, including aerospace, motorsport, oil and gas, power generation, construction and off-highway, as well as general precision engineering.

"As a provider of abrasive solutions we sell a significant number of powered hand-tools,” explains Master’s Customer Service Manager, Andy Wright. "Atlas Copco has an extensive range of professional material removal tools which offer significant performance benefits, especially when combined with the advanced abrasives available from Master.”

Atlas Copco has an established and well respected reputation in the material removal market, and for over 30 years the company has been continually investing in product engineering, research and development. Every new generation of tool features key ergonomic and performance enhancements, which is paramount when all products are benchmarked against the best of the rest.

Andy Wright says: "The Master sales team has experience of selling power tools as part of the solution for customers preparing and finishing components. We are sure there will be reciprocal advantages, as many customers are shared, so Altas Copco can provide support for product demonstrations.”

Atlas Copco is aware that its power tools are used with a range of different abrasives, and the company has never had any connection with an abrasives manufacturer. This is a change of philosophy for the company and it was very careful to select a high quality abrasives supplier, Master Abrasives.

Atlas Copco Marketing Manager, Adrian Gower, explains: "We offer industrial tools for professional applications, and anyone using a lower cost tool for an 8 hour shift will fully appreciate the engineering and technology employed in our tools. They are the most expensive tools available so it is important to us to show our products at their best as an additional justification to the price, so selecting a good quality abrasives company was crucial.”

The significant investment in product engineering means that products such as the Turbine grinder range and the LSF die grinders feature vibration damping that is second to none, so health and safety requirements are adhered to. With exceptional power-to-weight ratios, these products offer a more powerful material removal rate than competitors units that are twice the size. Both the GT G21 and larger GT G40 offer twice the power at half the weight and are impossible to stall with the right installation. "It means that the tool has the power to deliver the performance required, but the operator does not have to suffer muscle fatigue performing all the surface preparation or finishing operations. They are very operator friendly,” concludes Adrian Gower.