Jobs for jibs

26 September 2013

Contact Attachments designs and manufactures 16 variations of forklift jibs, which are used by customers as a safe and reliable way to transform forklifts into adaptable lifting equipment.


The firm provides jibs to suit any forklift up to 10,000kg capacity, and can produce larger jibs if required.

Jason Cadman, technical sales consultant, says: "All our jibs are rated to suit the truck capacity that is being used; by following the jib rating plate, the operator will never overload their lift truck and this offers peace of mind knowing that the jib is safe to use with that particular truck.”

The firm also offers low level jibs for working in vertically confined spaces, extendable jibs for added reach and high lift jibs to reach elevated areas. Standard jibs range from 1800 to 3000mm; custom jibs are available.

Cadman adds: "The jibs can be easily fitted to the forklift for a quick change over, which is particularly beneficial if the truck is being used for multiple tasks throughout the day. Alternatively, some jibs can be directly fixed to the truck’s carriage, which is beneficial for lifting tasks that require a more permanently fixed attachment.”