Loading streamlined

21 September 2017

Jones Interiors, an international textiles and soft furnishings company, has streamlined loading efficiencies at its Nottingham warehouse, adding a bespoke loading platform designed and manufactured by Thorworld Industries, and supplied by Thorworld agent, James Corfield of Darmax UK.

In line with its international growth, Jones’ busy Nottingham warehouse has looked to further both capability and productivity in recent months, and has chosen to purchase stock in full containers; reducing the company’s carbon footprint and improving efficiencies.  

By implementing these changes, the company has consequently required new, more appropriate loading apparatus - designed to offer an enhanced safety specification to place operative welfare as the main priority.

Michael Hayes, operations director at Jones Interiors, had ideas for an apposite solution, he explains: “We considered several options, including the purchase of an extending roller conveyor system to assist operatives with unloading tasks.  However, as we didn’t have a conventional loading dock in place, or the internal room to store such a system, we needed to look at more suitable outdoor alternatives.”

Hayes wanted a realistic solution that could be stored and used outdoors; that two operatives could work off simultaneously and safely; and could be easily maneuvered into place using a forklift truck. His requirements led him to consider the solutions designed and built by Thorworld Industries, one of the UKs leading manufacturers of made-to-measure, and off-the-shelf, dock and loading bay solutions.

“We found Thorworld online, and contacted the team to see what equipment they’d recommend. The firm’s design specialists used extensive knowledge and expertise to recommend apparatus, that with the right adjustments and specification additions, could prove to be the ideal solution for Jones’. 

“Together we discussed the fine points of ‘the right’ loading platform’s design, and a Thorworld engineer visited our warehouse to assess plans for operation, check vital statistics, and ensure a new platform would be compatible for use with our fork lift truck.  

“Throughout discussions, and the planning and design stage, we felt Thorworld placed safety as the key priority, however it was also made obvious that the operational benefits were going to be great.”

Michael goes on to describe how, post installation, his team’s first unloading exercise proved the new equipment’s worth; immediately enabling safer working methods and faster completion times, which as the platform is situated outdoors, meant staff would be exposed to the elements for shorter periods.

“Our own staff were also very appreciative of this new equipment which is easy to maneuver and presents a steady secure base for them to work upon.

“We are delighted with our loading platform and give our sincere thanks to Thorworld for offering their expertise, advice and excellent service.”