Less waste, more paper

30 November 2017

Less waste, less packaging and less time spent refilling dispensers are among benefits claimed for the Tork Coreless Mid-size Toilet Paper system.

“Toilet roll cores have the disadvantage of increasing labour costs because someone has to throw them away or recycle them when the paper has been used up,” says Tork product manager Ian Catchpole. “They also reduce the amount of available paper on a roll.

“Not only are there no cores to dispose of with the Tork Coreless Mid-size Toilet Paper system, there are no plugs or wrappings to discard either – and this makes it a highly sustainable product. And since the rolls last longer between refills than conventional products, labour costs are reduced as well.”

The paper in the Tork Coreless Mid-size system is tightly wound to make the rolls more compact. Two rolls typically are said to last up to five times as long as conventional products. This means that less time is spent refilling and less space is required to accommodate them.

Catchpole adds: "Studies have shown that facilities can reduce the amount of waste they produce from toilet paper supplies by 88% when switching to the Tork Coreless Mid-size Toilet Paper system.

“By choosing Tork Coreless, companies are helping to meet their sustainability targets while also freeing up time for cleaners to carry out more value-added tasks.”

The Tork Coreless Mid-size Toilet Paper System is now available in Tork Elevation dispensers which come in both black and white. This means they can form part of a cohesive system of matching washroom units. 

The Tork Coreless dispenser is compatible with Tork EasyCube, a facility management software system that enables cleaners to keep track of refill needs in real time.