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Upgraded Lone Worker online management information tool

03 July 2020

Reliance Protect, the leading provider of lone worker safety solutions, is releasing an update to its lone worker online management information reporting tool within its Focus online customer portal.

Focus is designed to offer customers a way to quickly and easily manage their contracts. Now incorporating a range of new screens, it is a powerful, feature rich and secure online platform that simplifies and accelerates a broad range of administrative tasks, and allows real time data to provide key management information such as trends, device usage and user status.

According to Chris Allcard, Reliance Protect’s lone worker services director: "We have listened to customer feedback from early adopters of Focus and incorporated some new improvements to aid usability and provide further insights into the data and reporting."

Recognising the need to maximise staff utilisation rates and keep them safe, ensure value for money and achieve a return on investment throughout the life of their contracts, Reliance Protect puts the customer in full control. Designed for users and administrators and optimised for laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, Focus makes setting up new users and allocating personal safety devices easy. At the same time, redistributing existing devices in line with staff changes and restructures, logging devices awaiting reallocation, carrying out diagnostic checks, and ensuring department staff lists and alarm escalation contacts are accurate, is a straightforward process. Focus even allows for departmental cost codes be also be added to generate accurate billing facilitating simple internal cross-charging.

Focus also allows customers to view data in real time, create charts and graphs, and develop automated regular reporting schedules. This information can then be used to provide insights that help manage risk and allocate resources more effectively. Current usage and activity summaries by device and department can be viewed, exported and trend analysed over time.

All tables, graphs and charts are date range selectable and can be exported as PDFs and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as other popular formats. All reports can be scheduled, thereby minimising, or even removing entirely, the need to manually access them. All scheduled reports can be viewed, modified or deleted as required. Accessing and managing data or viewing and running reports within Focus negates the need to handle and transport sensitive data in the more traditional formats of electronic forms and emails or by phone. This ensures that customers can maintain GDPR compliance.

For access to a scheduled report, users simply and securely log-in to Focus when the report is ready. Similarly sensitive personal information is hidden from administrators and can only be accessed by the users themselves. Reliance Protect’s ISO 27001 certification ensures secure login, hosting and data storage is maintained at all times.

"We want our customers to have access to all the information they need to keep their employees safe and ensure that they are maximising the potential of our services," concludes Allcard. "However, while access to information is important, it needs to be presented in a way that provides clear visibility into key management information. As a result, we continue to develop Focus to be intuitive and easy to use in order to help customers positively react to actionable insights and drive business outcomes from their data."

For information visit https://www.relianceprotect.co.uk/portal_client.php