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Reducing the Risk when Welding - Fume Extraction Options offered by Fronius

09 January 2020

With the number of workers affected by lung diseases linked to past exposures at work absolutely horrifying, it’s time to put health at the top of the agenda. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has also announced some important information on raising the enforced control measures for welding operations in the UK.

Besides local exhaust ventilation, required for all indoor welding, there are many complementary products available to

ensure a healthy work place where welding fumes are concerned. Particularly when

it’s not convenient to place an LEV system, such as outdoor spaces, or when current LEV systems are not adequate to control all fume exposure.

Looking to take away the fume at source? Fronius offers both a fume extraction torch (including a Euro connector option for any compatible welding machine) and an external fume extraction attachment that can be retrofitted to a Fronius TPS/i torch already purchased. These require a smaller extraction volume compared  to hall or workplace extraction and with the latter, the

extraction and gas nozzle are two separate components so in the case of change, the parts can be replaced individually.

Fronius recommend that their fume extraction torches are used with the Fronius FumeEx Jet, a high pressure welding fume filter with filter cartridges, moveable dust drawers and a maintenance-free vacuum generator in the base with soundproofing. The torches can, however, also be used with any compatible extracting unit.

Fronius also provide Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), which can complement other forms of fume extraction to protect individuals against the inhalation of toxic fumes and ultrafine particles, creating a

safer working environment. RPE can also be more suitable for outdoor welding. The Fronius Vizor Air/3 is a powered air purifying respirator complete with a comfortable and fully automatic welding visor certified with the highest filter quality THP3, filtering out more than 99.8% of particles. The respirator system provides three different airflow levels and distributes the air flow optionally between mouth and forehead inside the welding helmet. With lithium-ion technology you don’t need to worry about the battery running low either, as operating time is long on the standard battery providing 20 hours of use before charging.

We highly recommend visiting www.hse.gov.uk to ensure you are complying with the latest regulations concerning welding fume control, including thorough examination and testing of the systems in place.

Let’s all go home healthy!

For more information or a demonstration of any Fronius welding or Fumex product please call us on 01908 512300.