Advanced fire detection

22 November 2013

Wagner UK’s Titanus Pro•Sens Air Sampling Smoke Detection (ASD) systems were chosen to provide advanced fire detection for Tesco’s latest 500,000ft2 distribution centre in Dagenham.


The project was designed and installed by Leader Systems, who completed most of the fire alarm system installations in the latest generation Tesco distribution centres. ASD provides very early smoke detection ensuring rapid response to a fire condition, protecting staff and the valuable logistics operation.


A total of 24 Pro•Sens units were installed in a 1°C and a 12°C cold store and a separate recycling plant. The systems draw air samples continuously from the monitored area through a pipe system fitted with sampling holes at regular intervals. Airflow is then analysed for smoke particles and an alarm is raised if smoke is present. The Titanus ASD detection module uses a high-power LED light source as opposed to a conventional laser.


Paul Loveridge, Leader Systems design manager, comments: "In addition to its low temperature performance the Titanus range offers other advantages. Systems are well engineered, offer excellent design flexibility and have proven reliability. We had no hesitation in recommending Titanus to Tesco.”