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Sidetrackers give space-saving performance for long loads

23 July 2014

Five Sidetracker multi-directional lift trucks are providing Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) with space-saving, high-productivity materials handling performance at its central warehouse near Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

SAS is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glazing systems, with an annual turnover of £27 million. Its South Yorkshire base includes a production facility for cutting and colour-coating profiles and fittings alongside a 10,000m² warehouse. In the last financial year over 33,000 orders were despatched from the site.

Supplied to SAS by Briggs Equipment on contract hire, the five Sidetrackers are battery-powered three-wheel SOW30C models with an 8.35 metre lift height and a width of 1800mm, allowing them to operate in 1900mm rail-guided aisles within the cantilever racking. Extrusions stored in the warehouse are up to 6.1 metres long. The compact design and manoeuvrability of the trucks, which can travel in any direction and rotate on their own axes, has enabled aisle widths and turning areas to be minimised to achieve high-density storage and efficient product handling.

Fork spread on the trucks is adjustable from the cab between 750mm and 3000mm to suit pallets and extrusions. The stand-on design gives operators a clear view in all directions – particularly important for handling loads at the top of the racking – and also enables them to get on and off quickly for order-picking. Cabs have been custom-built to provide extra space for drivers.

Fitting high-capacity batteries has provided longer running periods between charges and reduced the number of spare batteries on stand-by.