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Food manufacturer slashes waste disposal costs

04 October 2015

A Kent-based food company is saving between £700 and £1200 per week through labour and disposal savings achieved using the Strautmann LiquiDrainer. The company has also reduced its carbon footprint, lowered manual labour hours and slashed waste disposal costs.

A waste management review with Compact and Bale took place in order to reduce costs and meet the business’ target of zero waste to landfill.

The LiquiDrainer offers a solution for companies looking for a quick and profitable method of emptying filled liquid containers as even entire packages can be emptied. Manual opening of the bottles is no longer necessary as the LiquiDrainer automatically does the job. The machine has various feed options to accomodate throughput per hour. A fully automated system was chosen that simply allows PET bottles to be tipped into the hopper via rotating forks up a conveyor and through the LiquiDrainer for processing. This allows 21,000 bottles to be perforated per hour.

Previously the company was filling the general waste compactor with full orange juice bottles and paying for them to be disposed of to landfill. With the LiquiDrainer it can now empty the bottles quickly and efficiently and bale the plastic bottles for income with the baler on site.

Full bottles/cans are fed into the hopper whereupon a rotor perforates them and the liquid is separately drained after being run through a coarse filter box. The emptied packaging material is automatically pushed out via a discharge chute and can be compacted in briquetting or baling presses. The design of the LiquiDrainer allows easy cleaning which helps to reduce the time spent away from day-to-day business.