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Workflow system provides efficiency and productivity savings

27 November 2023

THE SIMPLEST method is often the best and having a visual plan in place is key to most organisations.

Based in Northampton in the UK, and with global headquarters in Cologne, Germany, igus is the largest producer of injection moulded polymer bearings and reinforced plastic cable carriers in the world. Product lines include industry-leading e-chain cable carriers, chainflex continuous-flex cables, iglidur plastic plain bearings, igubal spherical bearings, drylin linear bearings and guide systems. 

The comprehensive range of maintenance-free, wear resistant products have been tested and proven to last through real life and simulated applications and environments, tested within the company's own 1,750 m2 test laboratory.

A focus on customer service

With five decades of experience in plastics and three in cables, igus provides the right solution based on 100,000 products available from stock. By constantly developing and producing new technical products using motion plastics, igus continues to deliver 'cost down, tech up' to every customer.

Key to this development has been a continued drive to focus on customer service. Internal processes where staff can track, and trace orders quickly are essential to continuous improvement. T Cards Online has provided igus with the right tool to meet its needs. By using this adaptable, simple, and clear system, information is available at a glance to all the stakeholders in the process.

igus director, Justin Leonard explains why this is so important. "Having a clear picture of what and where things are is essential to help staff with their day-to-day tasks. To maintain our continuous improvement process, we need flexibility. For that you need two things. Firstly, the right people and second, the right tools. We are lucky to have a dynamic team who are always seeking to implement improvements. And coupled with T Cards Online, we have an adaptable tool that continues to evolve to meet our needs."

A proven management tool

T Cards Online had already been in development for over 10 years when igus first started looking at the system back in 2020. Most of the features and functionality had been developed via “customer lead” consultation and feedback. Having been specialists in planning for 60 years, T Cards Direct were able to lean on their vast experience and knowledge of visual planning systems. One of the prime requisites from those consultations was to have an intuitive and flexible system that clients can easily bespoke to their own needs without exhaustive and costly software changes.   

Lyle Oxton, Readychain production engineer, who had then been with igus for three years was tasked with implementing a workflow system. He was immediately impressed with T Cards Online. "I was able to manage most of the implementation myself because T Cards Online is easy to use. We also needed some customisation. The support team at T Cards have been thorough and understanding of our requirements. In every instance the custom components they installed have been made with very little fuss or complication to us. This has really helped me in pushing the system into different areas of the business." 

An example of a successful business in a competitive market, igus has shown how important it is to give the right tools to help staff with their daily tasks. Systems like T Cards Online can make a big difference in making efficiency and productivity savings by simply co-ordinating tasks and communicating updates in a clearer way.

There is still more development to come for T Cards Online with new releases planned for this autumn and into 2024 but the philosophy remains the same with the focus purely on client requirements.  

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