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Lunchtime training helps find untapped electrical efficiencies in pump systems

07 August 2017

ABB has introduced a Lunch ‘n’ Learn training session that shows how to improve the electrical efficiency of pump systems, while saving up to 20% in energy costs.  

The CPD-certified System Efficiency course is one of many services offered as part of ABB’s 20+20 vision for improving customer outcomes in the water industry. The session covers the electrical infrastructure for greenfield and brownfield pump systems. 

In any water or wastewater facility, pumps are the biggest energy consumer. In many cases, greater efficiency can be achieved by optimising the electrical system driving those pumps. An electrical system typically comprises a transformer, variable speed drive (VSD), electric motor, switchgear and cabling. 

The first half of the session focusses on how to design efficient pump systems. This includes how to accurately compare manufacturers’ efficiency ratings for products to ensure pump systems are as efficient in operation as they are on paper, as well as understanding how the interaction of various components within the pump’s electrical system can impact – both positively and negatively – on overall system efficiency.

Armed with this information, utilities planning new sites can ensure pump systems are fully optimised from day one. This information can also be used to improve the efficiency of existing pump systems by between 5 and 10% on average by identifying components that can be fine-tuned, replaced or adjusted to improve overall efficiency.  

The second half of the session explores additional ways to improve the efficiency of installed pump systems by optimising the individual components in the electrical system. This includes an overview of the various methods that can be employed to reduce pump speed. A 2Hz reduction in speed is a 12% energy saving typically on a pump system. Therefore reducing pump speed can cut energy use considerably and save many thousands of pounds a year. 

ABB’s System Efficiency Lunch ‘n’ Learn training is aimed at anyone responsible for the specification or maintenance of electrical systems. The 45-minute session is free to attend and can be delivered to individuals or groups at customer premises or an ABB facility. 

To book a training session, or to find out more, visit:  http://bit.ly/2vZNpS2