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11 June 2019

Bonded shrink fit assemblies not only enhance the service life of an assembly but pave the way for new design concepts and cost savings explains Bob Orme, Senior Technology Specialist at Henkel (Industrial Adhesives Division).

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16 June 2019

Insight from ERIKS, the industrial services partner, estimates that incorrectly installing and maintaining belt drives accounts for 98 per cent of premature failures, leading to downtime and lost production. With this in mind, Gary Price, Power Transmission Regional Product Group Manager, at ERIKS highlights some tips that can extend the life of belt drives and pulleys, increasing their reliability, reducing their total cost of ownership, and minimising the chances of downtime.

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02 October 2018

The Reliability Dialogue theatre forms part of the educational content of Maintec 2018. Here, Andy Pye, the event's senior editorial consultant, reviews the aims of the theatre and reveals the objectives of a behind-closed-doors round table discussion

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22 August 2018

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) has an outstanding track record in civil aviation, nuclear power and defence industries, however it is not widely encountered in the manufacturing and process industries. Pete Hibbs and Michael Dixey of GGR explain how derivatives of RCM can make it easier to put into practice

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16 July 2018

More than 90% of the companies EMS Cognito comes across have a reliability strategy based simply on servicing the components of the machine. Here, the company explains why it believes a paradigm shift in thinking is required

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25 January 2018

The special requirements around maintaining plant and equipment on an NDC (National Distribution Centre) revolve around the key area of making sure the plant, conveyors, cranes and the like, are running at the maximum efficiency for the maximum length of time, thereby ensuring that the clients products are sent out on time, be they pet food, groceries, computer parts or D.I.Y items.

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