Industrial crimper

13 November 2018

Uniflex has introduced the lubrication-free hydraulic SL 3-75 industrial crimper for industrial hoses from DN 4 to DN 75mm.

It is suitable for hoses used in the food and pharmaceutical sector as well as, for instance, for the production of fire hoses. The crimp force of the SL 3-75 is 50t (500 kN). The opening path of the crimping die is more than 55mm, and the maximum crimping diameter is 88mm. 

The SL 3-75 is of compact, space saving design and is said to offer high user-friendliness and diversity as well as extremely long life. The crimper's economic efficiency is said to be due to the lubrication-free UNIFLEX slide bearing technology which not only ensures low maintenance costs, but less crimp power loss and high stability with regard to process and repeat accuracy. Since the hose assemblies produced with the hydraulic crimpers from UNIFLEX are not soiled with lubricating grease during the crimping process, they are suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry. 

Due to the opening path of the jaws of 55mm, it is easy to crimp fittings with a flange – without removing the crimping dies. A machine opening with a diameter of 125mm without crimping dies and maximum pressing dimensions to 88mm also enables larger workpieces, such as fire hoses, to be processed.